Monday, 24 August 2009

On Being Pakeha Now 32-36

The following small paintings were done in honour of people whom have been a part of my spiritiual development in England.
Reading the Anastasia series again.
I believe everyone would benefit from this.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

On Being Pakeha Now 30-31

. Number 30 is my friend and muse Emma and number 31 is for my husband and muse Michael. Bravery

On Being Pakeha Now 26-28

On Being Pakeha Now-18, 22-25

To create my paintings there is a certain place I go to in my mind, under gudiance. Before this series it was not possible to create the healing which I try to emanate within the portraits. Through meditation and a good ole chat with fellow artist friends, I took to my garden; got bare in the foot and allowed the darkness of my drawings to come on out.
Clearning the way for new paintings

As a note, these drawings came after painting #31. This will make little sense. I understand it myself, though admit it makes no sense at all...... it's non sense

On Being Pakeha Now 18-21

On Being Pakeha Now 14-17

This painting was done in honour of my friend Becky who was returning to Papatuanuku to complete her co-creation.
Due to my not so great organistaion and sometimes work leaves before I photograph it #15 is currently not able to be shown...... tee hee

In September I will be having a show with my friend Sophia Please. How could one not show together when the last names are Pretty Please.
The exhibiton will be at the Mile End Ecology Pavilion. In 1381 the peasants of Essex held a revolt at the their, against the unfair taxes which were once more being inflicted upon them by Richard the 2nd.
These two paintings represents a healing in response to these circumstances. The end of blood shed and the putting down of arms.

On Being Pakeha Now 9-12

Tuesday, 11 August 2009