Saturday, 28 November 2009




Out of interest to look at the traditional, well not quite so traditional in application and the new playfulness.
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Another monopainting session





These are a sample from another monopainting session. Such a beautiful technique.
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Friday, 27 November 2009

More monopaintings

Creation is art, art is creating
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Recently whilst watching a documentary on modern art, the artist Whitney McVeigh was featured. Loving her work my attention was grabbed. Initially the process rang a bell for a student. So the next day I found an old mirror and set about seeing if the idea would work so I could then teach it to my student. Well I was captivated through this new process.......... MonoPainting, well that's what I've named it anyway.
Above are a selection from my first session.
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More Embroidery

Woman of the woods
Working towards


A couple of weekends ago a group of friends travelled to the woods in West Sussex and set up home in a Mongolian Yurt. Being a blustery and wet weekend we had the entire camp ground to ourselves.
After a walk to see the steam engines at the little local station we got incredibly wet.... didn't see the steam engines and returned to our Yurt and jumped back into bed.
Out came the embroidery and the woman of the woods appeared.

On Sunday we foraged for mushrooms...... they were delicious.... and none of us got sick. There is no work to show for that one.

Returning to London found my body heavy and sore, then came bodies.

The ambition to create a much bigger embroidery was born, well not quite, the incubation period is still running/ has been for a years. So working towards is the beginning of the birthing process. A few more stitches on the other twin and an A3 size piece will begin.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Latest embroidery work

Inspiration including, The Tuesday Society, Mare Street, East London,
the Three Mary's and Ernst Haeckel..(worth checking out )

Sunday, 11 October 2009

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On Being Pakeha Now # 38 Toe Jam

On Sunday 4th October I attended an Angel Workshop with Doreen Virtue.
During the time I recieved a message to paint a foot!
So of course.... I painted a foot
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Sunday, 27 September 2009

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Views from my recent exhibtion. Pretty Please Vision and Gold. Held in tandem with Sophia Please at the Mile End Ecology Pavilion in Mile End, London.

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